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a type of madness.

- Slip sliding my way to 50.
- Watch as I spectacularly kick and scream in protest as I go down.
- All the way down.
- Very Poor and. Desperately Addicted to Coffee.
- I’m prepared to spill the beans for just one cup of joe.
- Spill them all? Make that two.
- Three cups and you'll need a restraining order.
- My super-power is to talk until your ears bleed.
- Or until you gauge your own eyes out.
- Or until you set yourself on fire… Whichever one comes first.
- Lucky for you all I can do is type here. And type and type.
- See? - Nothing -
- Vegetarian. Borderline Vegan. I know.
- It shouldn’t be possible for me to exist. So.
- Get out while you still can and. Go Figure.
- I am married to a beautiful and kind lady. A gentle soul.
- But still. It’s not easy. What can I say.
- I’m an asshole. Such an asshole. A perfect asshole.
- It’s supposed to take a big man to admit to it.
- But I’m not even that.
- We don’t have any kids. Because.
- Why would we? No seriously; why would we?
- ‘Psychedelic Spirituality’. Or. Spiritually Psychedelic.
- Psuedo-Shaman hippie_type wannabee. I Think. I Feel.
- Quasi-Shaman. Neo-Shaman. Urban-Shaman.
- Consumer-Shaman. Domestic-Shaman.
- A Shaman like in the movies. Uber-Shaman. No Shaman at all.
- Hack-Magickian. Hack-Prophet. For Profit Prophet.
- prof_it_e. profitism. seeks the sacred in the mundane.
- Ex-Goth. Maybe. Not sure what you’d call that after age 23.
- Sad? Probably. Never wanted to sponge off my folks.
- To still be living with them. But. Well. Here I am.
- What do I do? He likes to right.
- I pick on my friends. I pick on my family.
- I Pick on Myself. Mostly.
- Wasting Time. Wasting Away. Welcome to PiE. Welcome to Me.